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Diving First Experience Formentera

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Seven-tenths of our Planet is submerged. The "Baptism of the Sea" is the first step to approach this world where the weight does not matter and it moves like flying, where breathing and movements are slowed down to match the density of water and where reigns a great peace and a great silence broken only by the sound of bubbles that we breathe.

Minimun Age Included Experience
8 Years Old Equipment No Required

It 'a fascinating experience that can make even the children who have at least 8 years. One of our instructors will guide you by the hand in this adventure. It will show you how to prepare the diving equipment, wear the suit, and will make you do some simple exercises that will give you security and tranquility in this wonderful adventure where you will learn to breathe underwater!

Explore Formentera amazing underwater world on this beginner’s scuba diving course. Perfect for first-time divers and families and enjoy personalized attention from qualified instructors.

The course requires no previous dive experience, and takes a maximum of 8 participants per instructor and dive master, guaranteeing maximum care.

Upon arrival at the dive center in Formentera, you will be provided with your dive outfits and equipment, including a wetsuit, mask, fins, and a snorkel.

You will be transported to another world, and experience how it feels to breath underwater. Discover what it feels like to be completely weightless, as you put on your scuba tank and descend under water.

As you explore the beautiful house reef, look out for sleeping octopus, swim with inquisitive fish, and delight to the huge variety of shapes, colors, and sizes of the marine life.

Certified drivers:

Immersioni for divers already patented to admire the most beautiful backdrops of the island, where you will meet groupers, moray eels, cicadas and herds of barracudas. It 'will be a boat accommodation even for non-divers. 

The meeting time for diving is in the morning at 8.30 am at the dive center. The return time is for lunch at 13.30. 

The starting point for diving is the port of Formentera. The shifts are organized by the diving center and are included in the price. The dive farthest point is 20 minutes from the port navigazone. The dives are carried out mostly in the morning while the afternoon is used for courses, the evidence in the pool and "First Dive Experience". All dives, except for organized groups, are accompanied by a divemaster or instructor and are strictly within the safety limits.

Certified Drivers

1 Dive With Our Equipment

55.00 EUR

First Dive From The Beach

30 minutes

70.00 EUR

First Dive From The Boat

60 Minutes x1

90.00 EUR

First Dive From The Beach

60 Minutes

130.00 EUR

First Dive From The Boat

60 Minutes x2

160.00 EUR

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